About Maitland Heights Apiaries

Welcome to Maitland Heights Apiaries, a cherished family enterprise deeply rooted in the world of beekeeping. With a passion for crafting exquisite seasonal honey, Jonathan and his dedicated team are committed to bringing you the finest offerings from our very own bee yards dispersed across the Maitland Valley. Our bee yard locations are thoughtfully situated amidst the vibrant landscapes of the Huron County region. By harnessing the distinct characteristics of each location, we bring you 100% raw and unpasteurized honey, ensuring a truly authentic and flavorful experience that reflects the diverse natural beauty of these locales.

Our Hives

Welcome to Maitland Heights Apiaries, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Southern Ontario. Our meticulously tended beehives call this region home, as they thrive amidst the diverse flora and flourishing ecosystems that define this enchanting area. Located in close proximity to the tranquil shores of Lake Huron, our apiaries are strategically positioned to take advantage of the region’s abundant wildflowers, blossoming orchards, and verdant meadows. This harmonious blend of natural beauty and meticulous craftsmanship allows our bees to produce exceptional, distinctively flavored honey that captures the essence of Southern Ontario’s unique terroir. As you explore the accompanying map, you’ll discover the approximate locations of our hives, each spot carefully selected to ensure the well-being of our buzzing companions and the creation of our exquisite, locally sourced honey varieties.

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